How to Kill House Crickets

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House crickets become annoying because they make a constant chirping sound. The crickets need to be killed or removed as soon as possible because female crickets can lay eggs in your home and create a large infestation. Crickets also can damage the interior and exterior of your home. The insects often chew and eat most materials that they encounter. Killing the crickets will help protect your home and health from the annoying insects.

Locate where the crickets reside inside the home. Listen closely to hear the cricket chirping. Look for the cricket quietly to determine if you can see it.

Place sticky cricket traps around the perimeter of the home. Place the traps inside and outside the home. The traps will attract the crickets and then you can dispose of them in the garbage.

Spray bug repellent or insecticide designed to kill crickets directly on the house crickets. Keep the spray away from children and pets.

Fill small shallow bowls with water and add three to four drops of molasses. Place the bowls in the areas where you notice the crickets. The crickets will drown in the water.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in places where the crickets are hiding. The fine powder will break down the outer shell of the crickets so that they will dehydrate and die.

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