How to kill fleas with talcum powder

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Although there are many commercially sold products which kill fleas, many of them contain chemicals which may not be environmentally friendly, safe for use around small children or safe to use on young pets. Talcum powder or baby powder is an environmentally friendly, safe product which can be used to smother and kill fleas. If you do not have talcum powder, use baking soda instead.

Sprinkle talcum powder generously over a carpet or animal with fleas. Cover the entire surface area with the powder so that the fleas have nowhere to hide. Talcum powder smothers the fleas and they die.

Leave the talcum powder alone for 48 hours.

Remove the talcum powder. If the powder was placed on a carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum away any powder. Immediately dispose of the remnants or vacuum cleaner bag so that any remaining eggs do not hatch in your home. If the powder was placed on an animal, bathe the animal to remove the powder and dead fleas. Repeat the process until all the fleas are killed.

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