How to make a conjoined twin costume

Frank Boellmann/iStock/Getty Images

Conjoined twins are identical twins whose bodies are joined together in one of several different manners. One of the most common forms of conjoined twins are those conjoined at the torso.

Whether you are planning on dressing in costume with a sibling, friend or co-worker, this type of conjoined twin is the easiest to make a costume for. You and your costume partner can create a conjoined twin costume at home with a few easily acquired items.

Purchase two sets of identical dresses, socks and shoes if you are a pair of women. Purchase matching trousers, shirts, socks and shoes if you are a pair of men.

Cut open the right seam on one dress or shirt and the left seam on the other dress or shirt. Turn both dresses or shirts inside out, then lay them next to each other. Match the seams together and bunch up about an inch of the material. Use straight pins down the seam-line to hold the two articles of clothing together.

Sew the seams together by hand with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine. Flip the dresses or shirts over and repeat this process on the other side. Turn the clothing right side out.

Put the dress or shirt on. Add the trousers, socks and shoes to the costume. Complete your conjoined twin look by styling each twin's hair into a similar style. Wear matching make-up on your face if you and your twin are female.