How to Create Your Own WWE Superstar Games

In conjunction with release of the "WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw" video game series, the game makers put together a website where players can create their own WWE superstars. Choosing from customisable options from head to toe, the Superstar can be male or female and come donned with numerous accessories. Once complete, it can be transferred onto any website or shared on various social networks. The "Build Your Own WWE Superstar" game is free to play and suitable for all ages.

Choose whether you want to create a "Male," "Female" or "Randomly Generated" WWE Superstar.

Use the preview screen to zoom and move around to see how the wrestler looks at any moment. Click and drag to manually move the wrestler around on the screen.

Select a hairstyle for the wrestler. Click on the "Down" arrows to scroll through and see the styes. The hair with the red box around it is the current selection and will instantly appear on the wrestler.

Click on the "Color Pallette" to change the colour of your wrestler's hair. Rotate the "Tint" control to select how much of that colour you want applied to the hair.

Select a pair of eyes for the wrestler. Different eyes include Kane, Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Triple H. The eye colour on each specific set cannot be changed.

Add a mouth and nose to the wrestler. Styles vary from smiling, aggressive and normal mouths. Some mouths feature extras like moustaches and goatees.

Select the skin tone for the wrestler. Rotate through the different colours and adjust the tint to your liking.

Choose from 10 different mask and face-paint options. Each style features a different design and the colour palette allows you to select a custom colour for the design. Select the "Blank" icon to have no mask or face paint.

Add a top to the wrestler. Select from T-shirts, vests or tank tops. Choose a plain T-shirt or a shirt with graphics like shamrocks and the WWE symbol.

Select a bottom for the wrestler. Choose from underwear, shorts or wrestling tights. There are multiple designs of each and they all feature custom-colour options. Complete the bottom portion with footwear like sneakers or boots.

Add accessories to the wrestler. Drag and drop scars, pads, necklaces and tattoos directly onto your wrestler. You can adjust the size of a tattoo or scar by clicking and dragging the small box that surrounds it.

Finish the wrestler design with a backdrop and personal information. Type in the wrestler's name and biography. Click on the green check icon to complete the creation and use the "Share" tools to showcase the creation.

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