How to thicken brows

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You can enhance your facial features by thickening your sparse brows at home or by visiting a professional. Eyebrows protect your eyes from debris, express a variety of emotions and enhance beauty. Thin and sparse eyebrows may express emotion well, but they will not provide good protection for your eyes or boost beauty. Eyebrows can be thickened with castor oil, milk, dieting and make-up. If you want professional help to thicken eyebrows, a salon can give you eyebrow extensions.

Grow eyebrow hair with use of olive oil, milk or castor oil. Massage olive oil, milk or castor oil on your brow twice daily. Milk and olive oil contain hair strengthening nutrients. The eyebrow is encouraged to grow thicker, softer hair with the proteins of these foods.

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Eat a diet rich with protein and vegetables. Nutrients in vegetables and the protein of meat and fish will help your eyebrows become healthier. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat are acceptable foods.

Avoid smoking because it hinders hair growth.

Use an eyebrow growth product. There are many store-bought products which can thicken eyebrows. These products will lock moisture into the brow and strengthen them.

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Fill in your brow with an eyebrow pencil. Choose an eyebrow pencil that closely matches your hair colour so your brow will look natural. Gently stroke the eyebrow pencil in sparse areas of your brow. Do not press hard or make obvious lines. Thick, obvious lines will not look natural. Use an eyebrow brush to blend the eyebrow pencil marks.

Make your eyebrows appear thicker by applying mascara. Choose a mascara one shade darker than your hair. Brush the mascara wand on your eyebrow, so you will evenly distribute it across the brow. The mascara will enhance strands of your eyebrow to make it appear thicker.

Contact your salon about eyebrow extensions. Eyebrow extensions are applied to your eyebrow with glue and fake hair. They will last approximately 14 days.

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