How to Load the Staples One-Touch Stapler

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Most ordinary staplers lack the strength to affix more than a half dozen sheets of paper at one time. The Staples One-Touch hand stapler boasts exceptional stapling power. The lever design of the One-Touch is capable of stapling 20 pages or more at a time. The sleek design is engineered to provide powerful yet comfortable performance.

Hold the stapler upside down. Grasp the base of the stapler and pull it up toward you, allowing the base to open up at the hinge.

Press the small tab at the hinge to expose the staples compartment. If your One Touch model has a loading spring, pull out the loading spring.

Insert the staples, upside down, into the compartment. Reinsert the loading spring until it clicks into place. Close the compartment. Close the stapler base back into position.

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