How to Install a New SATA Hard Drive on an Acer Aspire Desktop

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On a desktop computer, storage can always be an issue. While most desktop computers feature increasingly large hard drives, it is always possible to hit the device's capacity eventually.

If you need to install a new SATA hard drive in your Acer Aspire desktop, all you have to do is pop open your computer's case and put it inside.

Unplug your computer's power supply and all other cables. Place the chassis onto a large workspace.

Remove the chassis cover to gain access to the computer's internal parts. This process can vary, depending on your specific Aspire model, but look for any screws or removable restraints on the computer's backside.

Locate the hard drive bay. This will be located near the computer's front side.

Slide your new hard drive into one of the hard drive bay's available slots. Use the bundled SATA cables to connect the hard drive to the computer.

Secure the hard drive into its bay slot with the included Phillips screws.

Reattach the chassis cover and move the computer back to its original location. Reconnect the power supply and any other cables to finish the installation process.