Assembly Instructions for the Space Marine Rhino Warhammer

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The Rhino is one of the Space Marines' transport vehicles in the game "Warhammer," and it's a common sight on battlefields in the 41st millennium. The Space Marine Rhino is able to deploy and redeploy up to ten models at a time while keeping them safe from small arms fire.

You can build your own Rhino from an assembly kit with plastic glue and a few basic tools.

Snip the four parts for the Space Marine Rhino's hull, the doors and the pieces of track from the sprue using plastic cutters. It's best to use these cutters, as twisting or pulling components from the sprue can leave burrs of plastic on the model. These burrs may hinder assembly and spoil the model's appearance. If you still get these burrs, then use the file to smooth them away.

Glue the hull components together. This gives you the sides of the Rhino. Before gluing the tracks, place them onto the hull to ensure that you can arrange them in the right order. Once you're satisfied, glue them in place, and then glue the doors to the hull. Note that the tracks do not go all the way around the hull; just around the bottom half.

Remove the floor plate, the interior screen and the rear door from the sprue. Glue the floor plate to one side of the hull first, and then to the interior screen. The rear door does not require glue as it is designed to be opened. Slot the rear door into its hole and then fix the other side of the hull to the floor plate, interior screen and rear door.

Remove the roof, front plate and armoured visor from the sprue. Glue the roof in place before fixing the front plate and the armoured visor. The latter can be tricky; you should line it up without glue first so that you can see exactly where it goes and how it fits in place.

Remove the components for the Storm Bolter -- the twin-linked weapon that comes with the kit -- the cross piece, the top-hatch doors and the headlights. Build the Storm Bolter by attaching it to the cross piece, and then, to the hatch. The hatch is then glued to the Rhino's roof, followed by the top-hatch doors. The headlights complete the basic model.

Decide on the configuration of your top hatches. There are several options in the kit; you can include a Techmarine firing a pintle-mounted Storm Bolter, a Hunter Killer Missile, or you can leave the model closed.