How to Remove Fender Vents & Strakes on the RX-8

rx8 with background image by patrimonio designs from

Fender strakes can give a Mazda RX-8 that aggressive look and are attached to the side bumper vents. Although installation/removal looks simple, you must be very careful or you could risk damaging the vents and/or the strakes themselves.

Attach the template--included with the strakes--to the side of the vehicle just behind the vents. It is recommended to make some photocopies of the template in case of a mistake.

Position the tires either all the way to the right or all the way to the left in order to work more efficiently.

Locate the four Phillips-head cap screws that line the outer edge of the wheel well. The screws come out easily by prying out their centres.

Remove the small plastic piece from the bottom of the wheel well closest to the door.

Reach your hand through the wheel well opening, after the screws are removed, and find the three sets of clips that are holding the air vent in place.

Slowly depress the clips and pop the vent out. If a clip gets stuck, be patient when fixing it so that you do not damage the clip or the vent.

Attach the strakes to the vent using the screws, washer and split washer that are included in the package.

Place the vent back onto the vehicle and make sure that the strakes line up with the template. Making sure that the strakes line up with the template is important for the next step.

Take the vent off and apply rubbing alcohol to the part of the bumper where the back of the strakes would make contact.

Peel off the tape on the back of the strakes and place the vent back in.

Press firmly on the back of the strakes so that the adhesive will stick to the bumper.

Insert the clips as well as the wheel-well screws.

Remove the template.

Follow the steps in section 1 to access the vent but do not remove the vent.

Pour adhesive remover where the adhesive is sticking to the bumper. Wait at least 10 minutes for the glue to loosen.

Use the rubber scraper to loosen the strakes and adhesive from the bumper, and remove them.

Unscrew the strakes from the vent.

Put the vent back in and make sure that you secure all clips and screws as outlined above.