How do I Remove V50 Door Trim?

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The Volvo V50 is a four-door estate car that was introduced in 2003. Removing the plastic trim from the door of your Volvo V50 is just a matter of loosening up the adhesive underneath the trim. You can do this with the use of a heat gun and you can pry it off the car with a trim removal tool. These tools can be purchased at any auto parts retailer. This job will probably take you about an hour to complete. If you go slowly and carefully when you remove the trim, you may be able to reuse it once you finish the bodywork on your Volvo.

Turn the heat gun on and wait for it to heat up. Run the heat gun along the moulding in a back and forth motion about an inch from the moulding. This will soften up the plastic and loosen the adhesive underneath.

Put a cloth under the trim at the very beginning of the strip. Slide the trim removal tool up and under the trim and use it to gently pry off the trim.

Slide it from one end of the trim to the other, taking care not to allow the trim to stick to the car door again.

Pull it away from the vehicle with your hands once it has been completely pried up.

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