What Fuse in My Mini Cooper S Is for the Mirrors?

mini_1 image by maxuser from Fotolia.com

The mirror fuse in a MINI Cooper is the fuse that controls whether the power mirrors are able to communicate correctly with the motors in the mirrors. If this fuse has gone out, then the mirrors will not work. There are two fuses for different power mirror features in the MINI Cooper.

Location of Fuse Box 1

The first fuse box is located under the hood on the driver's side and can be accessed by unsnapping the clips holding the lid in place. There is a diagram of fuses on the lid of the box.

Location of Fuse Box 2

The second fuse box is located on the right-hand side of the passenger foot well, in front of the door. You access it by pulling it out using the recessed area. There is a diagram of the fuses on the back of the fuse box cover.

Location of Power Mirror Fuses

The power mirror fuse is number F35 for the adjustment and number F3 for the power fold in feature. Both those fuses are located in the inside fuse box. F3 is located three from the top on the left hand column of fuses. F35 is located second from the bottom of the right-hand fuse column.