How to Change the Power Cord on Technic 1200

The Technics 1200 was a vinyl-record turntable produced from 1972 to 2010. The turntable connects to a standard, two-wire 120-volt electrical socket for power. If you own an old Technics turntable that has a worn or damaged power cord, you can replace it with another using common tools. Replacement electrical cords are available at hardware stores and electrical supply shops. Follow standard safety procedures when working with electricity.

Unplug the turntable's existing power cord from the wall outlet. Unplug the two audio cables from the turntable that may be attached to an amplifier or receiver, then disconnect the ground wire for the turntable, which is also connected to an amp or receiver.

Raise the clear plastic cover on the turntable and lift to remove. Lock the tonearm in place by turning the rotator cuff on the stand where the tonearm rests when not in use.

Lift the platter straight off the turntable and set aside.

Set the turntable on one edge so you can access the bottom. Prop the turntable against the wall next to your workspace or another solid object so it cannot tip over.

Remove the four screws that hold the rubber feet to the base of the turntable, then remove the screws that hold the bottom of the turntable to the cabinet.

Pull the bottom away from the cabinet gently to avoid disturbing any of the wiring. Follow the path of the power cord into the turntable to the point where the cord connects to the transformer. Locate the white and black wires emerging from the power cord and where each wire connects to the transformer terminals.

Loosen the two screws that hold the power cord to the transformer and unwrap each wire. Pull the power cord from the back of the cabinet and through the rubber gasket until the cord is completely free of the turntable.

Insert the new power cord into the rubber gasket and pull the cord up into the turntable. Pull apart the two wires on the end of the power cord and strip 1/2-inch of the heavy insulation from the end of each wire.

Wrap the black wire around its terminal screw, and tighten the screw with a screwdriver. Wrap the white wire around the other terminal and tighten. Check the wires to make sure each cannot touch the other or any other wiring and parts inside the turntable.

Reattach the bottom to the cabinet with the screws, and reattach the four rubber feet to the bottom.

Place the turntable on its feet and set the platter back in place. Guide the two plastic tips on the back of the cover into the hinge slots on the back of the turntable, and close the cover.

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