How to Make an Easy Cowgirl Costume

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If you're looking for a classic costume that is easy to make, cowgirl costumes are a favourite option. Many of the items you need to create a classic cowgirl look may already be in your closet. If not, you should be able to purchase them inexpensively at your local thrift store. Once you have the basic items you need -- a cowboy hat, boots and denim bottoms -- the top, accessories and colours you choose are entirely up to you. To keep things easy, work with whatever you have available in your own wardrobe.

Put on your button-down shirt, but leave the last button undone. Tie the ends of the shirt into a knot at your waist for a cowgirl twist. For a sexier cowgirl look, leave your shirt unbuttoned over a tank top, and tie the ends together in a knot just under your bust line.

Wear jeans, a skirt or shorts, and add a leather belt with a large buckle if you have it, or, for a more rural look, simply run a piece of rope through your belt loops and tie it in a knot.

Create an eye-catching colour scheme by spray painting your boots and hat a bright red or white, or go natural and wear your broken-in boots and hat as they are. Because cowboy boots are a key part of the cowgirl look, tuck jeans inside your boots so they are sure to stand out.

Fold a bandanna into a triangle, and tie it around your neck for a classic rodeo cowgirl look. If you want a dressier look, accessorise with a necklace or bolo tie in classic Western silver and turquoise.

Add additional accessories based on what you have available and the look you want to achieve. For young, whimsical cowgirl looks, considering adding a toy gun and holster, rope for a lasso and toy horse.

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