How to Operate a Baxter IV Colleague Volumetric Pump

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Volumetric pumps, like the Baxter IV Colleague, are used to administer specific and controlled amounts of IV infusion fluid to the patient. They allow the medical staff to focus on other tasks while the fluid is being administered.

The pump will alarm if anything needs attention, though there have been reports of major malfunctions related to the Baxter IV Colleague Volumetric Pump. Operating a volumetric pump should be done by a certified medical professional with training in each individual pump system and brand to minimise the occurrence of malfunctions.

Start IV on the patient and have IV tubing accessible to the pump.

Make sure everything on the pump is powered properly. Check to make sure batteries are fully charged, even if the pump is plugged in.

Prepare to load IV into pump by attaching the keyed slide clamp to the IV tubing with the opening of the clamp facing toward you.

Slide the keyed slide clamp into the port on the pump and pull the line in and along the tubing entry. The pump will load and display "loading" and then "stopped" when it is finished.

Enter the appropriate information into the pump and start the infusion. Check IV tubing to make sure there are no snags. Check pump often to make sure it is working properly.