Water Delivery Services for Pools

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Filling a swimming pool requires a large amount of water. The method used to fill a pool is dependent upon several factors including the cost of filling, use of water resources in the community and stipulations set forth by some local fire brigades which provide swimming pool filling services.

Fire Brigade

Some fire brigades throughout the United States provide a swimming pool filling service as a fundraising opportunity. Participating fire brigades will fill a swimming pool in exchange for a donation. Contact your local fire brigade for information regarding specific stipulations for filling pools.

Home Filling

Swimming pools can be filled using water from a garden hose. Follow guidelines for lawn watering in your city or use water from a well to fill the pool. Set a garden hose in one side of the swimming pool. Fill the pool in increments of thirty minutes over several days until the swimming pool is filled with water.

Maintenance Company

Many pool maintenance companies will fill a swimming pool using a truck with a water tank and hose. The company from which you purchase the pool can install and fill the pool as part of the overall installation process. Filling the swimming pool using a maintenance company is beneficial because the company knows the quality of the water dispensed and therefore will be able to recommend the best practices for maintaining safe water for swimming.

City Utilities

City water or utilities department may fill the swimming pool with water from a rented hydrant. The water is pumped from the hydrant into the swimming pool. The amount of water used is added to your water bill either in instalments or as one lump sum. Some cities assess an additional fee for hydrant rentals.