How to Set Up an Elite Mini Aquarium Pump A130

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Setting up a fish tank can be a very rewarding hobby, but it is important to have the right equipment. An air pump can be used to run an underground filter, a sponge filter or another filtration system, providing the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration that is so important to a healthy fish tank. The Elite Mini aquarium pump A130 is an excellent choice for small aquariums because it runs quietly and is small enough to tuck into a corner of the aquarium stand.

Select a location for the Elite Mini A130 pump. A corner of the aquarium stand is generally a good choice because this allows the pump to remain hidden.

Measure the distance between the aquarium and the location you have selected for the pump. Be sure you have plenty of tubing available; it is better for the tubing to be too long than not long enough.

Attach one end of the plastic tubing to the Elite Mini A130 pump, and attach the other end of the tubing to the filter inside the aquarium. Plug the pump into an electrical socket, and it is ready for use.

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