JCB strimmer instructions

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String trimmers, also known as strimmers, use a length of monofilament line rotated at high speed to trim grass, weeds and other growth. The JCB BC-26 is a string trimmer powered by a 26cc, .9 horsepower two-stroke petrol engine. It operates at 2,800rpm at idle and 10,000rpm at maximum speed. The BC-26 uses 2.

4mm or 2.8mm (15/64 or 9/32 inch) monofilament trimming line and cuts an 45 cm (18 inch) swath. The fuel tank holds 0.25 litres (0.44 pints) of petrol/oil mixture and the BC-26 weighs 4.54 kg (10 lbs).

Fuel mixing

Shut off the engine and allow it to cool before fuelling.

Mix a 50-to-1 ratio of 91 octane or higher petrol with synthetic two-stroke oil.

Clean the area around the fuel filler cap of leaves and dirt and remove the cap. Fill the tank and replace the fuel cap.

Starting the engine

Lay the trimmer down on a flat surface. Turn the On/Off switch on the engine to "On."

Push in on the clear fuel primer bulb 10 times. Fuel should be visible in the bulb.

Move the choke lever on the engine to the "Full" setting.

Open the throttle completely by squeezing the throttle lever to its limit.

Pull the starter cord until the engine starts.

Let the engine warm up for 10 seconds and move the choke lever on the engine to the "Run" setting.

Stop the engine by pressing and holding the On/Off switch in the "Off" position until the engine stops.

Trimmer operation

Grasp the trimmer by the rear handle with one hand and the front handle with the other hand. The rear handle should be held at approximately hip height.

Operate the trimmer at full throttle at all times.

Keep the cutting head parallel with the ground at a slightly slanted angle. Move the head from left to right in steady strokes.

Trim tall grass and weeds beginning at the top of the growth, cutting down to the desired height.

String replacement

Turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire.

Pull the old line out of the holes on top of the string head.

Use two pre-cut strimmer lines or cut two pieces of strimmer line 27.5 cm (11 inches) in length.

Insert the lengths of strimmer line into the two slots located on the side of the strimmer head.

Push the line in until about one inch protrudes from the holes on top of the string head.

Reconnect the spark plug wire.