How to reduce handlebar vibration with silicone caulk

Chrome motorbike handlebars and headlight image by Christopher Dodge from

Vibrations from your motorcycle's engine or from the road surface can often be transmitted through the handlebars to your hands. These vibrations can be a nuisance and ruin an otherwise pleasant ride.

There are several products on the market to help reduce handlebar vibrations such as bar snakes, bar end weights, and vibration absorbing risers. Homemade remedies have also been developed to help reduce vibration. One of these methods is to fill your handlebars with silicone caulk. This method is inexpensive, but it can only be used on tubular bars that do not have internal cables.

Cut the tip off of the silicone caulk tube using the knife.

Insert the silicone caulk tube into the caulk gun.

Slide the flexible caulk extension tube over the open end of the silicone caulk tube.

Squeeze the handle of the caulk gun until the extension tube is full of silicone caulk.

Insert the flexible extension tube completely into one end of the handlebar. Fill the handlebar with silicone by squeezing the trigger on the caulk gun. The extension tube will be forced out as the silicone caulk fills the handlebar.

Repeat Step 5 on the opposite side of the handlebar until the entire handlebar is filled with silicone.