Procedures for Testing a Water Flow Switch

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Warming water for dishwashing or showers is the job of the home's hot water boiler. Many components work with the boiler assembly, including the water flow switch. This switch has testing procedures for verifying its functionality.

Water Flow Switch Functioning

The water flow switch senses hot water being accessed from the boiler and activates the boiler's pump for replacing the water. Normally, the switch attaches to the main cold water line supplying the boiler.

Flow Switch Testing

The flow switch test procedure requires an ohmmeter, which measures resistance of the switch's electronics. Attach the ohmmeter to the two wires extending from the switch. Push the switch's plunger into the water flow's direction, and watch the ohmmeter's measurements. The ohmmeter should show a value referred to as "continuity," or a completion of the circuit. If no value appears on the display, the water flow switch needs replacement.

Flow Switch Care

The water flow switch needs periodic cleaning, which allows a longer component lifespan. Clean the particles from the inside spring mechanism for the best functioning results.

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