How to neutralize calcium chloride

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Calcium chloride is a common salt used in food, equipment manufacturing and as a drying agent. Its ability to absorb moisture makes it useful in several commercial applications. Most commonly calcium chloride is used to melt ice on roads and walkways when temperatures are well below freezing.

It is also used in prepared foods to enhance salt flavour without increasing sodium. Calcium chloride can be neutralised in several ways. The most common method, other than water, is a solution of acetic acid, or vinegar, and water.

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Measure 4 cups of vinegar into a 1-gallon garden sprayer. Fill sprayer with plain tap water.

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Spray effected area with vinegar and water solution. Spray until the area is thoroughly wet with solution. Allow solution to sit on the surface of the area for 5 minutes.

Flush the affected area with tap water. Wait a few minutes and flush again. The calcium chloride should be neutralised.