How to Repair a Dual CS 2110 Turntable

record and a DJ image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Dual, a German electronics company, has been making turntables since the late 1920s. The Dual CS 2110 turntable, made from 1987 to 1988, runs at 33 1/3 and 45 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Repairing your CS 2110 turntable is a matter of changing the rubber belt inside the turntable.

The belt wraps around the belt drive inside the turntable. If the belt breaks, the turntable will not work at all. Replacing the belt means partially dismantling the turntable.

Power down the turntable and unplug the power cable. If the turntable has been plugged in or running for a long time, allow 30 minutes for the turntable to cool down before making any repairs.

Rotate the turntable's plastic cover away from the turntable's base so it is in the upright position. Remove any records from the turntable, as well as the rubber mat that the record sits on. Removing the rubber mat reveals the platter, which is a disclike piece.

Grasp each side of the platter and with a bit of force pull straight up to disengage it from the alignment rod and belt drive. Remove the platter from the turntable to reveal the inside of the turntable. Remove the broken belt and any other debris from inside the turntable.

Apply some rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth or rag. Wipe down the inside of the turntable. Allow the alcohol to dry for about five minutes. Place the new belt inside the turntable, and wrap the belt around the lip. Align the belt with the lip on the belt drive until the belt fits firmly on the belt drive assembly.

Place the platter on the alignment rod, and press down on the platter firmly until it snaps into place. Replace the rubber mat and close the turntable's plastic cover.