How to Disable Notifications of BlackBerry Applications

BlackBerry smart phones constantly receive updated content via installed applications. First- and third-party applications access the Internet to provide new content for their users. After the update, the program will notify you of the changes. Called a "Notification," users receive an alert similar to a text message. If a BlackBerry user has installed multiple applications on the BlackBerry, he will receive a lot of notifications throughout the day. Disable the notifications in each installed application to bypass this potential nuisance.

Press the BlackBerry's "Menu" key, located on the left side of the device's trackpad or track ball. This action brings up the BlackBerry's main menu.

Highlight an individual application using your trackpad or trackball. Press down on the trackball to open the application.

Press the "Menu" key once the application has fully loaded. Scroll down to "Options," and select it. Your application's configurable settings will be listed in a new window.

Navigate to a section in your program's options entitled "Notifications." Next to each notification option (such as "Receive e-mail notification" or "Receive notification when updates are available") is a check box. Ensure each check box is deselected. This process turns off the notifications for that specific application. Select "Save" at the bottom of the page to save all changes and exit.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each subsequent BlacBberry application, until all notifications are disabled.

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