How to Reset a Texecom Premier 24 Series House Alarm

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If your Texecom Premier 24-Series House Alarm is activated, you'll need to reset the alarm before you can reprogram it to the active mode. Resetting the system silences the alarm, if it is still audible. In some cases, you will not be able to reset the alarm yourself.

This means that the alarm has been set as "Engineer-Reset Only."

Flip down the bottom cover to access the keypad. Enter your four-digit user code to silence the alarm.

Enter your user code again. Press the button marked "Reset." The screen should return to normal, which indicates the alarm is reset and ready for reactivation. If the display does not return to normal, your default settings may have been changed, which requires an additional procedure.

Write down the four-digit number displayed across the screen, if the alarm does not reset when you press "Reset." This procedure is known as an "Anti-Code Reset." Call the telephone number displayed on the screen and give the representative the four-digit code. He will give you a code to reset the system. Enter the code on the keypad and press "Reset."

If the system does not reset and does not display a four-digit code, the default settings have been changed to "Engineer Reset Only." This means you'll need to contact the telephone number displayed on the screen to arrange for someone to reset the alarm.