What does ready for archive mean on file folders?

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If you right-click most files within your Windows computer operating system, a small menu will appear with a button that says, "Advanced...". Clicking that button will reveal a box that, if checked, approves that the "File is ready for archiving.



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Approving the file for archiving includes it in a list of files that are backed up whenever you use a utility designed to save your computer's current state.

Types of Files

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Archiving attributes apply to files used by other software rather than programs. This includes documents, spreadsheets and picture files. Once these files are created and saved for the first time, Windows will usually automatically approve them for archiving.


Though automatically backing up files is very useful, there are often miscommunications when files are transferred from one computer to another or archived by more than one type of program. Do periodic test restores to ensure that your files are being archived properly.