How to Listen & Reply to a Message on Virgin Mobile Text to Landline

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Text to landline is a new service offered by many cell phone providers including Virgin Mobile. A customer can send a text message to a landline phone, and the message will be sent via voice call to the recipient. The recipient can then listen to the message being read by an automated system and either hang up or reply via voice message. This is a solution for people who need to send text messages to other people that do not have cell phones.

Listen to the message sent to you by the Virgin Mobile customer.

Do not hang up. Stay on the line and speak your reply into the phone receiver.

Once you get confirmation that the voice message was received, hang up. The message will be sent to the Virgin Mobile customer as a voice message.

Check the text message sent to your phone from the corresponding landline number.

Call the number provided and listen to the voice message sent by the landline customer.

Hang up the phone.

Reply to the message by sending a text message to the landline number again.

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