How to Delete Voice Mails in Nokia Cell Phones

nokia image by Joel Calheiros from

Voice mail comes in handy when you are away from home or too busy to answer your phone. Many cell phone service providers offer basic voice mail as part of their mobile service contract. Basic voice mail allows you to use your Nokia to listen, send, save and reply to messages left in your mailbox. When your voice mail box fills up, you can empty it by pressing a button on your Nokia keypad and choosing the correct option.

Push and hold the "1" key on your Nokia keypad until your voice mail greeting begins. If you are using a landline phone, then dial your 10-digit cell phone number and press the star "*" key when the voice mail greeting begins.

Input your voice mail password when prompted.

Press the "7" key to delete the message. Repeat this step for each message you want to delete.

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