How to Make a Wilson Basketball Tacky

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Whether you are a beginner learning to dribble or an experienced player just wanting a little more grip on the ball, a tacky substance on your basketball could make you a better player.

22 There are many products that are sold to make items sticky, but there are also some ways to make your ball sticky with only a few common items.

Put the disposable rubber gloves on your hands and shake the adhesive spray can well.

Pick up the Wilson basketball. Hold the spray in your dominant hand and the basketball in the opposite hand.

Spray the adhesive onto the basketball, rotating the ball while spraying until the entire ball is covered.

Place the basketball on a cement surface and let it dry at room temperature for at least five minutes or until the adhesive does not come off when touched.

Clap and rub the ball all over to make the ball more tacky than sticky. This will make it easier to dribble consistently.

Peel off a piece of duct tape, about 6 inches long. Hold the basketball in one hand and place the piece of tape on the basketball.

Peel the tape off and repeat until the entire ball is covered with the adhesive from the tape.

Peel out a small piece of duct tape from the roll -- don't tear it off. Stick the tape to the top of the ball and wrap the tape around the ball, overlapping as little as possible between each wrap. Cover the entire surface.

Roll the ball around in your hand to ensure that the tape is sticking to as much of the ball's surface as possible.

Unwrap the tape from the ball. If you notice a place that did not get tape adhesive on it as you unwrap, stick the tape back down on that area and rub it in before continuing to unwrap.

Rub the untaped ball around in your hands to make it more evenly tacky.