How to Tape a Field Hockey Stick

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It is very important to understand the proper way to tape your field hockey stick correctly in order to be an effective player. If you have an improperly taped stick, you may have trouble controlling your shots or keeping the ball in play.

It is important that your stick is properly taped and be in the best of condition in order for you to play at your best.

Take some stick wax and rub it on the blade of the stick. This will help the tape bond to the stick and makes it much smoother. This will also help prevent water logging and preserves the tape longer.

Wrap the tape around the end of the blade potion and pull the wrap around at an angle. You will want to create the look of an overlap so that the "groove" of the stick face is smooth. Be careful to make sure the tape goes on evenly and flat. You do not want small lifts or bumps on the stick face, as this can cause the ball to redirect itself once struck.

Tape around the handle where the grip is. Begin roughly four to six inches from the top and wrap around slowly, again at an angle. As you make your way up the stick, add extra tape near the top so there is a greater thickness for better grip. This will help prevent your hands from sliding down the neck of the stick as you get sweaty and helps improve your grip.

Take a field hockey ball and rub it along the grain of the tape--start from the heel of the stick and go to the toe end, This will add friction to the tape and help smooth out any rough edges for a cleaner stick face.