How to Remove Sellotape Adhesive

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Sellotape is brand of sticky tape used widely in Europe. It has a multitude of uses, from wrapping gifts, putting up posters or fixing broken objects. However, removing sticky tape from a surface is sometimes tricky because it bonds tightly.

Plus, remnants of the sticky adhesive remain on the surface when the tape is finally removed. But there is a solution. You can remove the Sellotape adhesive by using solvent and a blade.

Scrap the adhesive off by using a razor. Put the razor against the corner of the tape, and use it to loosen it upward. Use a disposable razor so you can throw it away afterward, as it will unsuitable for shaving with.

Dab a solvent, such as nail polish remover or kerosene, onto the adhesive with a cotton ball. Wait for a couple of minutes for the liquid to dissolve the adhesive substance. Use solvents on plastic, wood, fabric or metal surfaces.

Slide the blade of the blunt knife underneath the corner of the Sellotape adhesive.

Pry the sticky tape from the surface with the blunt blade. When there enough tape to hold, grip it between your fingers and pull it off the surface.

Add drops more solvent if the adhesive is still stuck. Rub it in using the cotton ball to facilitate dissolving the sticky glue. Draw back the Sellotape.

Remove remaining deposits of Sellotape adhesive with more solvent. Wear gloves, and then rub solvent onto the surface using firm circular motions. Then, sweep off the accumulated balls of glue with your finger or toothbrush.