How to Fix Holes in Thera-Band Balls

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Thera-Band exercise balls can be used as part of a fitness routine to strengthen back muscles. Increasing back strength can lead to better posture and decreased back pain. While these exercise balls are constructed to handle pressure, contact with sharp objects can create holes in them.

Quickly patch your Thera-Band ball to get back to your fitness routine.

Inflate your Thera-Band ball as much as possible. If you are not sure where the hole is in the ball, place it in the bathtub and move the ball around in the water. You will notice bubbles coming from the location of the hole.

Draw a circle around the hole with the permanent marker. The circle should be small and as close to the leak as possible.

Remove the ball from the water. Dry thoroughly.

Cut a piece of vinyl from the patch kit. The piece should be 1/2-inch in diameter larger than the hole that will be patched.

Lightly coat the back of the vinyl with glue and place over the hole. Press firmly to smooth the vinyl down so that there are no bubbles in the patch. Allow to dry overnight before reinflating the ball.