How to Remove 3M Foam Tape

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The 3M Company was founded in 1902 and has grown into a well-known manufacturer of a variety of products including tape and adhesive. 3M also manufactures foam tape. Foam tape is typically double sided which means it has adhesive on both the front and back of the tape.

The tape is designed to adhere one item to another without falling off. This makes removal of the foam tape difficult. Fortunately, a few methods will remove the 3M foam tape without damaging the surface.

Cut a piece of fishing line about one foot long. Hold the fishing line tight with both hands. Slide the fishing line between the 3M foam tape and the surface it is stuck on. Try to keep the fishing line as close to the surface as possible. Use the fishing line as a knife to cut the tape off the surface.

Repeat step one several times until you have removed as much of the 3M foam tape as possible. If there is still foam tape present, continue with the remaining steps.

Apply heat to the tape using a hairdryer. The heat from the hairdryer will loosen the adhesive and make removal easier. Set the hairdryer on a medium setting and move it in a back-and-forth motion a few inches above the 3M foam tape.

Scrape the loosened foam tape off the surface using the back of a butter knife. Continue applying heat and scraping with the butter knife until you have removed the foam tape.

Remove the sticky, gooey adhesive residue that the foam tape leaves behind by rubbing the surface with a cloth dampened with water-displacing spray. Rub the surface in a circular motion. Alternatively, use rubbing alcohol as a substitute for water-displacing spray.