How to Make Waterproof Earplugs

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Glue ear is a common condition in young children. It is caused by a build up of fluid behind the ear drum and can cause deafness if it is not treated quickly. Grommets are effective at relieving glue ear but it is important for your child to avoid water in their ear canal for a few weeks after the operation. Although you can buy waterproof earplugs, you can easily make your own at home with a quick and easy preparation process.

Tear off a piece of cotton wool and roll it into a ball small enough to fit into your child's ear. Try not to have too many wisps attached to the ball that might irritate or get stuck in the ear canal.

Place the ball gently in your child's ear and ensure it fits properly. If it is too large, you can tear off small pieces until it is the right size.

Cover the ball in petroleum jelly. This produces a waterproof seal and will prevent water from reaching the ear drum.

Repeat the same process with a cotton ball for the other ear by tearing off a piece of cotton and fitting it gently into your child's ear canal. Once you have the right size, cover the second ball in petroleum jelly.

Place the balls in your child's ears when needed and check that the jelly forms a seal around the outside of your ear canal.

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