How to Wrap a Hurley Grip

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People in Ireland consider the game of hurling a national pastime, even though it is strictly an amateur sport and not played professionally. It is an outdoor ball and stick game similar to lacrosse. Players can pick up and carry the soft ball used in the game, but the main object is to use a flat, wooden club called a hurley to pass or shoot the ball into a large net or over a goal bar. Applying tape to the grip of a hurley helps a player maintain better control of the club when passing or shooting.

Buy grip tape to use on your hurley. You can order authentic hurley grip tape from any company that specialises in hurling equipment. You can also use tennis racket grip tape. The grip tape used for tennis rackets may not last as long, but it is a cheaper option and provides just as much comfort or tackiness.

Take the cling film off of the grip tape. With your non-dominant hand, use your thumb to hold the pointed end of the grip tape just above the butt of the hurley, so when you start wrapping you are moving toward the upper part of the stick that you strike the ball with. With your dominant hand, tightly wrap the grip tape around the hurley in a clockwise (if you are right-handed) or counterclockwise (if you are left-handed) pattern. Slightly overlap the grip tape with each pass. This will ensure that the grip tape will not unravel during play, or slip if you grip the hurley tightly.

Use an adhesive tape like PVC tape to secure the grip tape at each end. This is another way to prevent the grip tape from slipping or coming apart at either end during games. You can even pick a coloured adhesive tape to give your hurley a personalised look.

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