How to Use the Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy

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Mobile computing devices such as cell phones can prove to be a challenge for parents and a security issue for businesses. Most mobile devices support the Bluetooth wireless protocol that enables a peer-to-peer wireless connection between Bluetooth-enabled devices within a distance of 30 to 300 feet.

Use the Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy software when you need to monitor your children's mobile phone activity or to test the security of business-owned Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Change the Bluetooth device ID on the mobile phone with the Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy software installed on it to "Security Settings: press 1234."

Move to a location that is within Bluetooth range of the target Bluetooth device (usually within 50 feet or less). Open the "Blooover" program on the mobile phone that has the Ultimate Mobile Phone Spy software installed and select "Find Devices." After the target device is displayed (has been discovered), proceed to step 3.

Select "Settings" from the main window, then select "General," then confirm that the "Keep Reports" box is checked.

Navigate back to "Settings" and select the program you need to run based upon the list below:

Select "Bluebug" if you need read and write access to the target device phone book contacts, read access to SMS (text messages) or the ability to place a phone call from the target device.

Select "Helomoto" to perform the same activities as "Bluebug" only if "Bluebug" fails to access the target device.

Select "Bluesnarf" if you need to retrieve (copy) personal information from the target device such as phone book lists and calendar information.

Select "Bluesnarf++" to gain full access to the target device file system to copy some or all files from the target device, or to modify files located on the target device.

Select "Malformed Objects" to disable the target device operation (this is a Denial of Service or DOS option).

Check the box next to only one action that you wish to perform in the "Configuration" menu of the program selected, such as "Retrieve Numbers" or "Retrieve SMS." Provide additional information if requested in order to perform the selected action.