How Do I Repair a Miele T230C Tumble Dryer?

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The Miele T230C is a "condenser" tumble dryer. This provides flexibility when it comes to positioning the dryer in your home because it requires only a wall socket to operate. No venting or drain tubes are needed.

The water removed from laundry during the drying process is collected in an integral container, which is emptied after every load. A few simple actions may be all that's required to solve any problems you experience when using your Miele T230C.

Check the plug to ensure it is fully inserted in the socket.

Check that the door of the tumble dryer has been properly closed.

Check the circuit panel in your home to ensure the circuit breaker governing the socket has not been tripped.

Remove the synthetic fibre items from the dryer.

Place the synthetic fibre items in your washing machine and a run a rinse and spin cycle adding fabric conditioner.

Dry them again. The fabric conditioner will greatly reduce the amount of static in the items.

Use fabric conditioner every time you wash synthetic items that will be dried in your Miele T230C. Alternatively, use a tumble dryer conditioning sheet during the drying process.

Place the laundry back in the drum of your Miele T230C.

Select the program "Timed Drying - Warm Air," and switch the dryer on.

Sort laundry by fabric type in the future and use the most appropriate program for each load.

Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the area around the dryer. Open a window if necessary to guard against the temperature in the room rising sharply.

Check the fluff filters to ensure they are not clogged with fluff. These are located in a holder on the inside of the door.

Remove all fluff from the fluff filters. This can be done using running hot water if a great deal has accumulated.

Use your vacuum to remove fluff from the fluff filter holder before replacing them.

Ensure all zips and hooks are fastened. Metal can prevent the Miele T230C from correctly registering the amount of moisture being drawn out of the laundry.