How to make cute cat ears for my Halloween costumes

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Cats are lovable, furry creatures, making them a popular choice for a fancy-dress costume. Black cats are especially suitable for Halloween because of their association with witches and magic. If you want to make your feline costume really stand out, it's essential that you get yourself a set of cute cat's ears, which are surprisingly cheap and easy to make at home.

Cut four identical 7.5 cm (3 inch) tall triangles from a piece of white felt.

Colour two of the triangles completely black on one side with a black fabric pen.

Draw the outline of a small triangle 3.5 cm (1 1/2 inches) in height on one of the remaining white felt triangles. Leave the inside of this new triangle white, and colour the rest of the piece of felt black. Repeat with the last remaining triangle of white felt.

Apply glue to the white side of a triangle that has been completely coloured black on one side. Pick up one of the triangles that is coloured black with a white triangle, and stick its completely white side onto the glue. Repeat with the last two triangles

Glue the bottom of one of your newly joined triangles to the top of the plastic headband. Position it to the left, where the cat's left ear would be. The black side should face the back, and the black and white side faces the front. The edge with the base of the white triangle should be closest to the hair band. Repeat with the other triangle pair, placing this one where the right ear would be.

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