How to stop fox fur from shedding

red fox 10 image by Lee O'Dell from

Fox fur is expensive, but it makes for beautiful coats in a wide range of natural colours. It has thick underfur with long guard hairs. It can also be dyed. While some shedding is normal for a fox fur coat, it can also be a sign that the leather underneath the fur is drying out.

By minimising shedding, you can keep your coat looking great for many years.

Handle the fur carefully. If you carry a purse or handbag, do not let that item rub the fur as you walk -- especially the shoulder strap. It can cause wear spots and shedding. Do not pin jewellery or other items to the fur. Hang the coat on a broad-shoulders hanger so the fur does not become crushed. Do not sit for long periods wearing your fox fur garment. This can cause parts of it to become crushed and worn.

Properly store the fur. During warmer months, take your fur coat or other item to a fur specialist, or furrier, for storage. Specialists have rooms or vaults that have appropriate temperatures and humidity for storing fur. Storage also offers protection from insects. Do not store your fur in the basement. It might be cooler, but your fur will be susceptible to insects, dirt and changing temperatures.

Bring your fur garment to a specialist for regular cleaning and conditioning. Ask the specialist how often the garment should be cleaned. Do not take it to a dry cleaner. Use a cloth bag when you transport fox fur.