How to Care for a Sheepskin Coat

Sheepskin for coats comes from all over the world and, depending on the texture, can go by different names. Some consider the finest to be lambskin which comes from New Zealand. While sheepskin is easy to care for and maintain, use caution to avoid accidental damage. If you take proper care of your sheepskin coat, it will last for many years.

Hang the coat in cool dry area to dry, if it gets wet. Do not attempt to put the coat in the dryer or use heat to dry it yourself, as this will only damage the coat.

Apply a coat of stain repellent annually to protect it. A non-silicone spray will help to avoid clogging the pores.

Use a suede eraser to remove stains and dirt. It can also be used to fluff the nap back up.

Use a sheepskin shampoo and follow the directions on the bottle closely. Use a soft clean cloth and a very small amount of water to wipe the coat with. Not all sheepskin shampoos are made for washing both the inside and outside of the coat, so check the directions. Use water sparingly and hang the coat in a dry, well-ventilated area to dry.

Avoid storing your sheepskin coat in a plastic bag, as this may promote the growth of mould. A breathable garment bag or storing it in a cedar chest or closet is recommended to keep insects away.

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