How to Make a Finger Mouse From Paper

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Finger puppets are a perennial favourite with children. Your children can make a little mouse finger puppet by themselves, with supervision. The project requires only construction paper, stickers, felt-tipped pens or crayons, pipe cleaners, scissors and tape or paste. There are no tricky steps that might be too hard for small fingers to manage. Adapt the design to create different mouse characters, so your kids can use them to tell stories and put on plays.

Cut a semicircle of cardstock or construction paper that is approximately 4 inches in diameter. Cut a rectangle of cardstock or construction paper that is about 1 inch high and 2 inches long.

Roll the paper semicircle into a cone shape. This will make the body of your mouse. Tape or paste it closed. If you are using paste, you might want to clip it closed while the paste dries. Then, cut a horizontal slit in the top of the cone. Pinch the end of the cone flat. This will be the mouse's nose. Draw or stick two dots on either side of the mouse's nose to make its eyes.

Stick two large, round stickers side by side on the rectangle of paper. At the top of this, cut out two round ears. Cut them so there is a margin of paper around the outside.

Colour in the circle stickers on the mouse's ears using a pink pen or crayon. Colour its nose pink or brown. Use a brown or black felt-tipped pen to add details to the mouse's eyes.

Slide the ears into the slit in the mouse's body that you cut in Step 2. Cut three short lengths of pipe cleaner. Very gently, push them through the mouse's nose to make whiskers.

Cut a long, thin, pointed strip of paper. Pull it briskly between the edge of a ruler and the tabletop, or hold it tightly over the edge of the ruler and pull it quickly. This should make the strip of paper curl. It may take more than one attempt. Stick the broader end of the strip inside and at the top of the cone to make the mouse's tail. Alternatively, you can make a tail from a length of pipe-cleaner.

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