How to Add Bluetooth to a Z4

BMW Fronto image by crossgolfing from

Pairing a cell phone to the Bluetooth functions on a BMW Z4 isn't a complicated process. It does require about two minutes of uninterrupted time though as the codes are flashed quickly on the displays and must be entered within a specific amount of time, or else the process will be aborted.

If the process is aborted, both the phone and the car will need to be turned off and restarted to be able to begin the process again.

Sit inside the BMW Z4 vehicle and turn on the Bluetooth-enabled cellphone.

Turn on the Z4. The Z4 will be set to pairing mode for the first two minutes it is turned on, so pairing must be done within this time frame to be successful.

Access the "Connections" menu on the cellphone and use the arrow buttons to scroll down to the Bluetooth option. Press "OK."

Select the "Hands-Free" menu and highlight "Look for Devices." Press "OK."

Press the "Yes" option when the phone has displayed the Z4 Bluetooth pass code and asks if you want to pair with the vehicle. A window will appear on the cellphone asking for the Bluetooth pass code to be entered. Use the number pad of the phone to enter the pass code. This step must be completed with 20 seconds or the system will lock and the process will need to be started over.

Locate the four-digit Bluetooth pass key that is printed on the Z4 vehicle literature and enter it in the phone when prompted for the pass code. Press "OK." This code must also be completed within 20 seconds. To save time, it is advisable to locate the pass key for the Z4 prior to starting the process.

Watch the radio for confirmation that the pairing was successful. The display of the radio will show a message that says "Loading Address Book." This message means that the pairing was successful and that the car's computer is now storing the information from the phone.