How to Remove an Audi A6 Rear Bumper

The A6 is a mid-size luxury vehicle sold by the German auto manufacturer Audi since 1994. Removing the Audi rear bumper is a little different than removing other car bumpers; Audi uses backup sensors on the A6 and extra care must be taken to prevent damage to the vehicle and electrical shock to yourself.

Park the car on level ground. Engage the parking brake and disconnect the negative battery cable.

Open the boot and remove the corner side panel trim from the rear of the vehicle. Disconnect the wiring modules from the tail lights. Remove the assemblies from the vehicle to access the rear bumper mounting screws.

Remove the two screws mounting the bumper cover on each side. Disconnect the electrical module for the backup sensors (if equipped) located on the driver's side, below the tail light assembly cavity.

Remove the lower mounts below the rear bumper. Detach the clips from each side of the bumper.

Support the bumper on one side and have an assistant support the other side. Pop the bumper cover off. Be careful not to damage the clips.