How to Clip a Westie

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Commonly known as the Westie, the West Highland terrier is an active dog with the spunky behaviour typical of a terrier. Westies do not shed much but have a wiry coat that can grow wild, collect dirt and become matted. Clip your Westie's fur every two months as part of its grooming schedule to maintain a healthy coat.

Bathe your Westie before clipping its fur. Towel-dry and comb its fur to remove any tangled hairs. Bathing will soften your Westie's coat, making it soft and easier to trim. (See References 1 and 2.)

Attach a No. 10 blade to the clipper to trim the hair on the paws. Lift your Westie's paw and position the clipper beneath it. Carefully trim hairs that have grown between the toes and all around them. Repeat the trimming process with the other paws. (See Resources 1; References 2, 3 and 4.)

Use serrated scissors to trim the fur on the legs. Cut the fur on the legs in line with the length of the trimmed fur on the paws. (See References 2, 3 and 4.)

Clip the fur from the groin and stomach area with a No. 10 blade. Use serrated scissors to cut the fur around the anus and the tail. Trim the tail in the shape of a carrot, broad at the base and tapering toward the tip. (See References 1, 2 and 3.)

Trim the hair behind the ears with a No. 8 blade. Move the blade all round the neck, to the chest and rib area, the shoulders and across the back, up to the start of the tail. (See References 1, 2 and 3.)

Trim the hair in front of the ears and around the head with serrated scissors. Aim to achieve a rounded effect for the head by trimming the hair shorter in length than the ears. Carefully cut the hair around the eyebrows with the scissors. Gently pull spiky hair from around the inner corners of the eye and under it with your fingers. (See Resources 1; References 1 and 3.)

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