How to Use Remington Flexi Curls

Using Remington Flexi Curls is an innovative way of curling your hair. It involves using plastic hot sticks to curl hair, heating them in a special incubator-type container that keeps them hot. This set-up gives the user more control over the results that they get, making ringlets or large, bouncy curls much easier to achieve. This also allows you to curl your hair while doing your make-up as you do not need your hands. They are easy to use.

Turn on the container and allow to heat. This can take up to 10 minutes. As the hot sticks heat up, they change colour, which indicates that they are ready.

Comb through your hair to ensure it is tangle free. You may wish to spray your hair with water, as damp hair can be easier to section.

Section hair into 2cm-thick sections using a comb and water if necessary. Spray hair lightly so hair is damp, rather then wet, as wet hair is harder to style.

Wind hair around the roller, starting from around 1cm from the end of the roller. Wind up to the scalp and push the end of the roller through the hole on the opposite end to secure.

Leave for the recommended time. This is between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on your hair type and the type of curls desired. Thin hair will curl fast, and 15 minutes on thin hair will result in very tight ringlets. Thicker hair will take longer to curl.

Unhook the roller and roll down the hair, unwinding as you move down.

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