How to Spot Fake Shu Uemura Curlers

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Shu Uemura is a cosmetic company named after its founder, who has been a Japanese make up artist for over 50 years. Shu Uemura offers skin care, make up, and accessories. Shu Uemura is a top of line cosmetic company whose products range from £13 to £107. The company is most known for their artificial lashes and lash curlers. Due to the worldwide popularity of Shu Uemura and the high cost of their products, replica items are widely available, and often confused with the real thing. There are a few ways to distinguish between real Shu Uemura products and fake.

Look at the packaging that the curler came in. A real Shu Uemura product box will have equal font throughout the "Shu Uemura" title printed on the box. If any letters are bold or a different size, the product is a fake.

Look at the silicone pads on the curler. A real Shu Uemura curler will have two pads, both with "Shu Uemura" printed on them.

Feel the silicone pads and use the curler to curl your lashes. The pads should feel pliable, not hard, and should curl your lashes easily, without requiring multiple squeezes.

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