Brands of Lead Free Makeup

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Lead in make-up products is a particular source of concern for many women. Primarily found in lip products, lead is a potentially dangerous ingredient that you should avoid. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports that 61% of mainstream or top-brand lip products have lead as an ingredient.

Although the FDA claims that cosmetic lead quantities are within a safe range, many product users may choose to opt for a lead-free brand of make-up.

Miessence Cosmetics

Miessence Cosmetics products are all natural, non-toxic and free of lead. All products in this make-up line use unrefined oils, herbs and plant extracts instead of harsh chemicals and lead. Additionally, these products are free of colours, fragrances and detergents. Specific types of make-up in this line include concealers, translucent foundation, facial powder, mineral foundation, bronzing powder, blush cheek colour, shimmer facial cream, colour lip cream, lip gloss and lip balm. You can find all of these products on the Miessence website.

Colour ID

The Colour ID mineral make-up line contains a variety of lead-free lip products. The Natural Colour ID Minerals lip make-up is a specially formulated lead-free product that includes lip gloss, two-in-one lip colour with gloss, and two-in-one lip colour with a coffee butter. The XXX-Lip Plumping Glosses provide a shine of colour while creating the illusion of fuller lips, all without the use of lead additives. The line's Slick Chick two-in-one colour plus gloss and Slick Chick Coffee Lipsticks sooth the mouth as they add a sheen of colour. Ingredients include, but are not limited to, shea butter, cocoa, natural oils, natural butters, hemp and natural waxes. You can purchase the Colour ID make-up line online at the company's website.

Gabriel Cosmetics

The Gabriel Cosmetics line of Zuzu Luxe has lipsticks and glosses that are gluten-free and 100% lead free. Lipsticks come in 24 different moisturising colours. Ingredients include natural oils such as jojoba, castor, sesame, coconut, safflower and wheat germ, as well as candellia wax, aloe vera, lecithin, bisabolol, iron oxide, St. John's wort, titianium dioxide and mica. Lip gloss products come in 12 different shades and can be worn with one of the Zuzu lipsticks or alone. The Gabriel Color line also contains similar make-up products, including 100% lead-free lipsticks and glosses. These products are similar to the Zuzu line, but contain slightly different formulas and colour options. You can purchase Zuzu and Gabriel products directly from the Gabriel Cosmetics website.