How to Tell if Juicy Couture Tracksuits Are Fake Images

Juicy Couture is a popular clothing brand, well-known for its tracksuits. Since the company's tracksuits are so popular, a lot of dishonest manufacturers and sellers are marketing fake Juicy Couture tracksuits to consumers looking for a bargain. These fake tracksuits look very similar to their authentic counterparts. Spotting fake Juicy Couture tracksuits is especially difficult since the company uses several different colour labels, and has changed the look of their label at least five times.

Compare colours on the Juicy Couture tracksuit. Fake tracksuits will often have decorative graphics on the tracksuit in the wrong colour. For example, the Juicy holiday tree tracksuit has a silver tree on the back of the hoodie, but many fake tracksuits have this same tree in gold. You will need to compare the suspected fraudulent tracksuit with pictures of the actual tracksuit on Juicy Couture's website or another reliable source.

Look at the Juicy Couture tracksuit label. Many of the older tracksuits will have "Made in the Glamorous USA" printed on them. Newer tracksuits, or those produced after 2007, have "Made in America of Imported Fabrics" printed on them.

Look at the colour of the Juicy tracksuit label. The colour of the label corresponds to its size. Extra-small petite labels are pink, small labels are orange, size medium labels are beige, large labels are green and extra-large labels are light blue.

Look at the price tag. Each authentic Juicy Couture tracksuit will have a small number printed in the top right portion of the price tag. This number corresponds to the type of tracksuit. For example, a silver lining tracksuit will have the number "097" on the tag. A chocolate truffle tracksuit will have "916" printed on the tag. To look up your tracksuit number, see Resources.

Consider the source. If you're buying the product off eBay, for example, review the seller's customer ratings. Also consider the price of the item. As of 2010, Juicy Couture sold its cheapest tracksuit for £63. A cheaper tracksuit doesn't necessarily imply that it is fake, but if the item is brand- new and the price is significantly lower, it's an indication that the tracksuit might be fake. Also, items shipped from China are most likely fake.

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