How to Tell What Are Authentic Baby Uggs

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You buy Uggs for your baby because these quality shoes are well-made and keep her little feet warm. Baby Uggs should be made from high-quality sheepskin and wool, but you must be certain that you are getting the real product. Some Uggs for babies may have "Ugg" labels but not be authentic.

Make sure that you are not wasting money on a fraudulent product.


If your baby Uggs are authentic, you can check the label on the back of the shoe. An authentic shoe will have a label that reads "UGG" in all capital letters, with the word "Australia" directly beneath it in all lower-case letters. Ugg makes two labels -- one with pictures of five suns going horizontally across and one with a picture of five suns going down vertically. If your product is authentic, the sun pictures will change from black to white when you turn the label 90 degrees.

The Sole

The soles of authentic Uggs are flexible so that your baby will be able to move around easily. Baby Uggs that are not authentic are more rigid and more difficult to move in. The sole should have the word "Ugg" and the sun logo on it and both should be raised. Some Baby Uggs that are not authentic have soles that are completely flat.


Genuine Baby Uggs should come in a strong shoebox with a removable lid. The words "UGG Australia" should be written inside the sun logo.


Your Baby Uggs should come with two inserts printed on beige paper with grey print. Check the shoebox for a booklet on how to care for your Uggs. The words UGG Australia should be raised on the care booklet. There should also be another paper on how to authenticate your shoes.


Brand-new Baby Uggs should not have any type of odour. You should not smell anything such as chemicals or dye.

Shoe Lining

The inside of your Baby Uggs should be extremely soft and light tan in colour. The lining is extremely durable, so if the lining of the shoes begins to shed, you will know that your Baby Uggs are not authentic.