How to Refill HP 363 Ink Cartridges

The HP 363 is a colour inkjet cartridge which provides either yellow, cyan, magenta or black ink to Hewlett-Packard's Photosmart desktop computer printers. If you want to refill this cartridge to save money, you can do so easily using a few basic tools. Properly inject inkjet replacement ink into the HP 363 and achieve printing results identical to a new HP 363 cartridge.

Cover your working surface with layers of paper towels.

Remove the empty HP 363 cartridge from your computer printer and place it upright on the paper towels.

Scan the top surface of the cartridge for a small dimple, then burn a small hole through the plastic dimple with a soldering iron.

Fill a 10cc syringe with 7ml of replacement ink and insert the tip of the syringe into the opened hole.

Slowly release the 7ml of ink into the cartridge.

Remove the syringe and apply a small dab of hot glue over the open hole to seal it.

Allow the ink to settle within the cartridge for three to five minutes before returning to your printer.

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