How to Send an Animated Birthday Greeting to a Mobile Phone

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Electronic greeting cards are in certain ways superior to the old-fashioned kind: No trees have to die; you can send greetings that include animated characters and funky music; and you can personalise all aspects of the card to reflect the recipient's interests. Sending electronic greeting cards to people's e-mail accounts was just the beginning. You now can send an animated greeting right to someone's cell phone to wish him a happy birthday. It's as simple as sending an e-mail greeting.

Visit the Cool GSM Rings website; click on "Greeting Cards" from the side menu. Or go to; click on "birthday" from the menu on the right. Or go to the Mobclub website; select "Birthday" from the menu on the left. All these websites offer animated greetings of some kind.

Scroll through the designated website's array of birthday greeting cards. At Cool GSM Rings, click on the greeting card you want to send. Type in the day you want to send it and a personal message. Click "next." At, click on the mobile card you like. Type in your e-mail address. At Mobclub, if you find a card you like, click on it.

Check your e-mail. Click on the link in your e-mail from; it will take you back to the card you selected on a separate page. Enter the name, personal message and cell number of the person you're sending the card to. Click "Send." At the Cool GSM Rings website, select a payment method; type in your necessary credit card information to finish sending the card. At Mobclub, type in the recipient's name, a personal message and his mobile number and brand. Click on "send this m-card" at the bottom.

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