How to send a text hug

texting a message on pda device image by Paul Hill from

Communicating through text messages on cellphones keeps many people in touch throughout the day. You can send quick messages to friends and family, sending your love through short message service (SMS) using your cellphone. Send a hug or a kiss through text message to those you love---brighten someone's day and share the love. The good wishes you send may come back to you in the form of hugs, as well.

Open the text message utility on your cellphone and start a new text message. Enter the cellphone number of the person to whom you wish to send a text message hug.

Enter "(>^.^)><^.^<)" to send a text message hug with characters. Some people may prefer to send text message hugs by using parentheses like this: "(())" or like this: "((hugs))." You can also send hugs by sending a short message of love like this: "Sending a hug from me to you."

Press "Send" to send the hug or the short text message to your recipient.

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